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United Recovery Project's drug and alcohol detox center was designed as an intensive and individualized treatment program for those seeking to permanently escape the chains of addiction. We offer detox services for a range of substance use disorders. Our holistic approach to addiction treatment works to address and heal the underlying issues at the root of substance abuse. To find out if our state-of-the-art detox program is right for your needs, please reach out to our staff at United Recovery Project today. 

Alcohol Detox

Detox from alcohol can be dangerous without professional support. Fortunately, our experts have experience helping people from all walks of life rid their bodies of alcohol. To learn whether our alcohol detox program can support your needs, reach out to United Recovery Project today. 

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Drug Detox

Overcoming drug addiction can be difficult if you don't have help. We offer a variety of treatment programs to help people overcome addictions to a range of drugs. Our drug detox program can help you put an end to your drug use. 

Medical Detox

Some substances carry dangerous withdrawal symptoms, which can be deadly if not treated immediately. When you enter a medical detox program, our trained doctors and nurses will monitor your health through withdrawal. If there is an emergency situation, our expert staff step in and provide medical support immediately. 

Holistic Detox

Addiction impacts a person's mind, body, and soul, so treatment must address these impacts as well. Our holistic detox program helps your mind and soul to begin healing from drugs or alcohol as your body goes through detox. 

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