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The Genesis House drug and alcohol detox center was designed as an intensive and individualized treatment program for those seeking to permanently escape the chains of addiction. We offer detox services for a range of substance use disorders. Our holistic approach to addiction treatment works to address and heal the underlying issues at the root of substance abuse. To find out if our state-of-the-art detox program is right for your needs, please reach out to our staff at the Genesis House Today.

Alcohol Detox

Detox from alcohol can be dangerous without professional support. Fortunately, our experts have experience helping people from all walks of life rid their bodies of alcohol. To learn whether our alcohol detox program can support your needs, reach out to United Recovery Project today. 

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Drug Detox

Overcoming drug addiction can be difficult if you don't have help. We offer a variety of treatment programs to help people overcome addictions to a range of drugs. Our drug detox program can help you put an end to your drug use. 

Medical Detox

Some substances carry dangerous withdrawal symptoms, which can be deadly if not treated immediately. When you enter a medical detox program, our trained doctors and nurses will monitor your health through withdrawal. If there is an emergency situation, our expert staff step in and provide medical support immediately. 

Holistic Detox

Addiction impacts a person's mind, body, and soul, so treatment must address these impacts as well. Our holistic detox program helps your mind and soul to begin healing from drugs or alcohol as your body goes through detox. 

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Compassionate and customized support that provides you with the tools to achieve your full potential and a long-lasting recovery.  

Luxurious amenities, a low client-to-staff ratio, sunshine and fresh air. Most major insurance providers accepted.

Our Florida location provides warm weather, ocean breezes, and a variety of on-site and off-site activities. Our volleyball court and pool provide perfect ways to stay active during treatment and soak up the sun. During an inpatient stay, you’ll attend group and individual therapy, receive care from our psychiatrist, and learn trauma-healing techniques. Medications may be used during and after detox to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Holistic approaches at Genesis House include yoga, massage therapy, and animal-assisted therapy. Each stage of treatment is overseen by a member of our highly-qualified staff–someone who is compassionate, empathetic, and full of the knowledge and expertise you need to recover in comfort.

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Emily S.
The URP program has been a great opportunity for me. The staff is amazing, they really care about their clients, including the techs, the therapists (Ali is THE bomb), Bryan, and everyone in between. I've really come to find that those who attend this program are a big family and everyone is so encouraging. I can't thank URP enough for providing important tools in regards to self growth and recovery. Sarah really keeps up with you once you've graduated the program and URP really continues to care about you and how you're doing. Thank you so much URP!!

Brendan L.
Staff was great! Everyone that was part of the staff made sure that I felt safe and in a good environment. Groups performed at the center really helped me understand my addiction and what I needed to do when I got out of treatment. Great program and the owner of the company actually generally cares for the clients in the program, unlike other facilities. Counselors are very professional and really helped find the root of every problem in my life. I totally recommend this facility for someone who is ready to seek help for their addiction.

Rene A.
I could go on and on and on about this treatment center. Never in my life did I think I would ever encounter such caring and professional individuals as I did at URP. They saved my life and changed it for the better. To say this place was a blessing for me is a major understatement. I would truly recommend this place to any person struggling with addiction. I am honored to be URP alum and I enjoy keeping contact with them regularly. They still check up on me every week to make sure I am ok. Im so very grateful for URP, the staff and the program they put together is phenomenal. Thank you so much!

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Accredidations & Certifications

The Genesis House is a fully licensed and accredited treatment facility. We work tirelessly to improve our treatment guidelines in order to continuously deliver the highest level of quality addiction treatment services.  We employ the guidance of top addiction professionals bearing our clients best interest in mind.

We are proudly certified and/or accredited by the following industry standard addiction treatment aligned agencies:

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The Joint Commion Gold Seal of Quality Care 

The Genesis House is accredited by The Joint Commission. We have passed all safety and health requirements to ensure the highest level of care available and are honored to hold this highly respectable accreditation.

Legit Script Certification 

The Genesis House  is proud to be certified by Legit Script. Legit Script is globally recognized for accrediting and monitoring US Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment providers who hold the highest standard in ethical practices and transparency. Google, Microsoft, and Facebook require LegitScript certification to advertise on their platforms.